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United Kingdom

Tricor Europe

Tricor Services Europe LLP (Tricor Europe) is based in the City of London, the United Kingdom.

Tricor Europe offers a comprehensive range of professional services including corporate administration, accounting, tax and compliance consultancy.

Services have been expanded through acquisitions. These include the acquisition of Woodside Secretaries Limited to add a range of corporate administration services including registrar, custodian, nominee, Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) fund administration, security trustee and receiving agent work for share or securities offers; and the acquisition of a 25% interest in MBSL Limited, an Irish outsourced services provider based in Dublin, Ireland (for more information, see Tricor Ireland).

Tricor Europe, first set up in 2007 as a joint venture, further expanded in 2009 to become a Tricor subsidiary with the acquisition of the company secretarial business from KPMG in the United Kingdom.