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Labuan Company

  1. The minimum number of shareholders and directors is one.
  2. A director and shareholder may be the same person or different persons, and can be a natural person or a body corporate.
  3. There is no par or nominal value for shares in a Labuan company.
  4. The minimum paid-up capital for a Labuan company is US$1.00 or equivalent in any currency other than Malaysian ringgits.

Other Features of a Labuan Company

  1. A Labuan company is only permitted to transact in foreign currencies and cannot carry on business in Malaysian currency except for defraying of administration and statutory expenses.
  2. A Labuan company may open bank accounts anywhere in the world, including in Labuan, and in any denomination except Israeli shekels.
  3. A foreign company incorporated and existing under the laws of another country may register to continue business in Labuan. Similarly, a Labuan company may migrate to another jurisdiction.
  4. Strict confidentiality laws are imposed on the Labuan authority, as well as the staff and employees of the trust companies handling a Labuan company.